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About Us

Our Motto - Fix it right the first time.

Almost 40 years ago, Peter encountered an issue with his brand new car. He took it to the dealership and they simply couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. After getting tired of waiting for answers, Peter decided to take it upon himself to fix it! To his surprise, within 30 seconds, he figured what the problem was.


That's when he realized his knack for fixing cars. Now with over 30 years of experience in the industry, he is on a mission to eliminate frustration for his customers and save them money! Peter is committed to educating others and sharing his knowledge and experience in the automotive repair industry. Currently, he teaches Automotive at Conestoga College along with running his repair shop.

Car Repair
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A Lot of dealerships and shops don't have a clue. They just guess and often suggest replacing parts as the way to fix problems instead of addressing the root cause issue.

As cars have become more complex over time, technicians are struggling to keep up. Hybrid and electric cars compound this problem. There are 40-50 different computers in modern cars. Working on electrical issues is way more complex than fixing mechanical problems. Only about 5% of technicians really understand electrical issues. Imagine having someone who learned how to repair computers built in the 70s now fixing today's super computers. 

We take our technician training very seriously. New techs spend 3 months just studying electric issues. The quality of our service is only as good as the quality of our technicians, so we can’t compromise on this at any level. Getting techs that want to do the job right, and have the drive to learn more instead of just throwing parts at cars hoping for the best, is what defines us!

We say it like it is and do it right the first time!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Car Repair
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