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Do I need Diagnostic Testing or a Vehicle Inspection?

Do I need Diagnostic Testing or a Vehicle Inspection?

You notice an unfamiliar dashboard light flicker on during your daily commute. Uh, oh! It’s time to schedule a repair shop visit and address the specific issue.

Are you wondering whether technicians will use an inspection or diagnostics test to determine what’s wrong? You aren’t the first to ask! Our team at 2 Brothers will use both auto diagnostics and inspections to assess your vehicle.

Let's detail the differences between both testing methods and discuss why diagnostics and inspections matter for the repair process.

What is Diagnostic Testing?

Electrical vehicle diagnostics provides access to the error codes built into your vehicle. These error codes reveal information on the functionality and performance issues at play.

Perhaps your engine has a faulty part. Or maybe an electrical wiring issue. Using auto diagnostics, our technicians can gain a detailed understanding of your repair needs.

Role of a Physical Vehicle Inspection

If you can test the vehicle using auto electrical diagnostics, why does it need an inspection?

The answer is simple! At 2 Brothers, we value our attention to detail. The more detailed we are, the better job we do on behalf of our customers. You deserve this precision and transparency for maintenance and repairs.

A physical inspection can help reaffirm what the electrical vehicle diagnostics say. But beyond this confirmation, this inspection can reveal its own findings.

Perhaps rust shows on the vehicle’s underbody. Or maybe we find a faulty spark plug that didn't come up during the auto electrical diagnostics exam. A visual inspection will reveal these essential details.

Our technicians will review every component of your vehicle, including:

  • Brake lights

  • Front & rear bumpers

  • Mirrors (exterior & interior)

  • Tires

  • Engine

  • Suspension

  • And much more!

Will My Vehicle Need Both?

Definitely! At 2 Brothers, we value due diligence. As our customer, you deserve the most accurate assessment of your car's condition. With inspections and electrical vehicle diagnostics, we can confirm and then re-confirm specific repair issues.

Both inspection methods have their place in the repair process. These tools allow our technicians to operate with precision and efficiency. This detailed approach benefits you as our customer!

How This Process Benefits You

When our team combines vehicle inspections with electrical vehicle diagnostics, you reap the rewards! With these extra steps, we won’t miss a single detail.

If you relied on a less detailed process at another shop, they could miss something wrong with your vehicle. That error could lead to extensive damage down the line. Expensive repairs would follow.

Visit our Shop for a Detailed Inspection

If you notice an issue with your vehicle, schedule a time to stop by! Our certified technicians will run auto electrical diagnostics and complete a physical inspection. We will then provide a detailed estimate on what repairs you need.

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